White Chili

Not to compete... but I also have a white chili recipe I've been meaning to post. So to make it not a competition I would like to say that i don't know if its soul warming or will fill you with love but it is SUPER easy. And all canned, which is cheating, and that also cuts down my competitive edge.
Here goes

2 cans white beans (northern)
2 cans chicken (costco is usually cheapest)
1-7 oz can diced green chiles
(if you want to give it extra kick add a 4 oz can of diced jalepenos)
16 oz tub of sour cream
4 tsp minced garlic (it comes in a jar at the store... i saw it once in the produce section, but i'm not sure where it usually is carried)
2 TBSP dried minced onion
2 tsp cumin
3 tsp oregano
1 cup of shredded cheese (i use fiesta blend or mexican or something)
1 can diced tomatoes i do drain this but you don't have to (if you want to use mexican stewed that gives more kick too)
i think that's all

dump it all in a crock pot (don't drain) 2 hours on high.
the end. YUM. :)


Sailor said...

Easy is good too! I like to have good crock pot/dutch oven recipes. Looks yummy.

pixiestylist said...

i would also like to say that katie's looks WAY yummier, BUT i brought this to a ward party and had SEVERAL people ask for the recipe. even one girl DREAMED about it! :)

Katie said...

Whatever! yours was so good! my inspiration to the one i made... and i forgot to add a can of chilis it really makes amazing!

Dorothy said...

emmm sounds interesting I'll try them both. I love chili any kind.

Dorothy from grammology